♥ The Girl Who Chased The Moon ♥

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked her life to be happy, her friends to be friendly, her fandoms to be fun, her sports teams to be successful (or at least not break her heart) and sparkly things to be plentiful. I love old movies, all books, the odd pretty celebrity, food that's bad for me and any type of music that doesn't include the word 'dance remix.', I love romance, fairytales and I hate needless, cheap drama in any of its forms - be it in real life, or in films, TV and books.

In a dream world I would've been born a century ago, but only if I could have taken my iphone back with me. I'm a mass of contradictions in a very open book, and all the fun, interesting things I like are posted here.
~ Marianne
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"This is the club for me. This is where I made myself as a player, this is where everybody got to know me and this is the club that I will be eternally grateful to for giving me that opportunity when maybe other clubs didn’t believe in me. This is where I got back into the Swedish national team an went on to play in European Championships and World Cups for Sweden. I couldn’t have done that without Celtic.” ~ Henrik Larsson